"ART for ALL" is an Erasmus + KA229 school partnership focusing on inclusion and cultural heritage. Students will reflect on the barriers that different people might experience while accessing a specific cultural and creative product and will then collaborate to create a series of inclusive tools fostering accessibility to significant cultural products from the countries involved. Students have promote local cultural heritageto plan and realize their inclusive toolkits and promoting them for local authorities to implement them in a sustainable way. 

 These activities will boost their problem solving, critical thinking, digital and social skills.


We are four secondary education schools from all around Europe! Meet  the schools we are coming from.




Liceo Artistico Mengaroni, Pesaro




Agrupamento d’escolas Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, Caldas Da Rainha



134 SU "Dimcho Debeljanov”, Sofia




GO! Atheneum Oostende, Oostende



Our Activities

Creating inclusive toolkits

Students will start creating a series of inclusive materials for artworks (for example 3D reproductions or paintings, audio descriptions, augmented reality experiences, simplified texts, hands-on activities for children, videos, digital media, background information in different languages etc.) in order to allow anyone to learn about significant cultural products from the countries involved. Each school will contact local expertise (experts of inclusive practices, museum curators specialized in accessibility, specialist organizations that support people with different needs, experts of specific technologies etc.) that will help the group develop the first inclusive materials.



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