Project Gradishte

The students created a wooden board with pictures of the most important rock formations that resemble animals and a head. This board has been placed at the entrance of the sanctuary, in order to enable physically impaired visitors to have an idea of the points of interest at Gradishte.







The students made a replica of the rock formations you can see at the Thracian sanctuary. This way, visually and physically impaired people can also feel the natural creation of the rocks. 





Team Bulgaria developed a website about a Thracian sanctuary that previously was not very known by the public. They wanted to attract tourist attention by developing a website and a YouTube movie about the monument.

Click on the website of the Bulgarian team below to know more about the project!






The students of Team Bulgaria also developed a description of the history of Gradishte in Braille.

Both the clay replica and the text in Braille are in the ticket office of Gradishte.

The Bulgarian students went to the Louis Braille school to try out their inclusive toolkits. Children could feel the clay head and read the information in Braille. The children approved both toolkits and had fun.